The Safari  cat  is a hybrid cat created by             
crossing the  South American Geoffroy's and
domestic cat  in the 1970's.
They are very rare and there are only about 80     
Safari's registered with TICA ( The International
cat Association ).
Safari's have the most delightful personalities.
They want to be in the middle of everything you
are doing or up riding on your shoulder all the
time . Safari's grow a intense bond between them
and their people.
Safari's are very active cats and are very playful.
They love water and will spend many hours on    
a warm day  splashing in a kiddie pool.
This is our female F1  Safari " Macha"
safari kitten forsale
This is our F1 Safari called " Safearah ".
Her father is our Geoffroy " Charlie " and
her mother is our beautiful Savannah  
" Bella ". Please e-mail for more info.
BORN  6-24-2011
These are our amazing Geoffroy cats.
Male " Charlie"                Female " Chloe"    
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